Three Logistics Centres in Valencia with the capacity to operate 8.000 tonnes daily.

Bulk storage:  We count on two of our own warehouses specialised in bulk merchandise in the province of Valencia, in Albal and the Port of Sagunto that add up to 24.000m2 strategically situated to cover the North and South zones of the city.

Our installations are authorised to store merchandise with a food industry destination, dealing withthe most rigorous standards.  Food industry warehouse with the health registry no. 20.045.052/V

Storage of palletized merchandise: Installations with more than 3.500 m2 of surface in Naquera, distributed in a wide warehouse having loading bays with electrical mallet trucks and elevators.


  • Establishment of the APPCC system which guarantees the security of the agro-food products in the supply chain.
  • Merchandise control system:  Own weighing system/ Specialised software/ GPS.
  • Security systems (24- hour vigilance).
  • Loading and Unloading of containers.
  • Transfer of merchandise.


Find our warehouses



Central operative and logistics headquarters where offices, vehicle fleet and a surface of more than 15.000m2 are situated.

Ros Logística Albal


Puerto de Sagunto

Installations set up in 2016 that are over 9.000m2

Ros Logistica Puerto de Sagunto


Installations destined for storage of palletized merchandise

P.I. Los Vientos. Calle Gregal, 7 (Valencia)