Transporting is the main company service with experience of more than 20 years in the sector.


Transporting is the main company service with experience of more than 20 years in the sector.


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We work as much in

Nationals as in Internationals routes

The versatility of our vehicles, and the professionalism of our team allows us to offer all-round and efficient services to each and every one of our clients.

We have at our disposal a modern fleet of more than 70 lorries with an average age of less than 3 years, and the added advantage of dealing with our own lorries, which allow us to address immediately our clients’ requests and gives greater trust when hiring the service.

Our units are equipped with Geolocation systems in real time which allows us to know, at any moment, where the merchandise is and how long it will take to reach its destination.

Logística de transporte y distribución

Bulk transport

This is the activity that we have traditionally had since our beginnings.
We have different types of swingarms to be able to transport all types of bulk merchandise.

swingarm/ Bath- tipper

This is the company´s specialty which allows us to guarantee a high level of service quality, thanks to the experience acquired throughout many years.  This type of bath is the most numerous of our fleet. It is used for transporting raw materials for animal feed, cereals and fodder in bulk, glass, salts, sand etc.

Our aluminium swingarms have a folding tailgate and rear doors (of the book) with lateral coupling, which allows us to unload in warehouses with little room to manoeuvre.

Mobile floors

Through our automatized processes of loading and loading can be carried out trough our vehicles equipped with mobile floors. This system, implanted in 30% of our vehicles  fleet allows for transporting big volumes, as much of palletized solid materials, as of bulk merchandise and big bags.

The capacity of loading light merchandise is improved.
Very useful for loading and unloading in warehouses with little space to manoeuvre.

Other Merchandise

In addition to bulk goods
at Ros we transport all types of cargo.

Transporting containers


Vehicles adapted for transporting containers of large, heavy or palletized merchandise.  We have at our disposal container swingarms of 20” and 40”.

The company has an operative system, linked to the Port of Valencia, which allows for an integration in real time, with the most important shipping companies.

Iron and
steel sector

We count on a fleet of reinforced aluminium and iron tilting prepared to transport all types of heavy materials.

We work the total iron and steel industry, from the collection of scrap, to be melting down in blast furnaces, to the distribution of the finished product such as iron bars, coils, rods, corrugated tubes, mesh etc.

Among our clients are the main steel and iron sectors in Spain, Italy and France.




We have at our disposal standard tautliner lorries with a length of 13.60 metres and with a useful load of 25 tm which allows for a convectional transport service at a national level as much as a European one.

This type of lorry is adequate for transporting all types of palletized products, tubes, beams, prefabricated, big bags.


We have at our disposal special authorizations and permits necessary for transporting machinery of great dimensions, and other vehicles, both inside national territory as well as in some European countries.

Rescue gondolas for collection and substitution of heavy damaged vehicles. Dangerous merchandise transport.


Dangerous merchandise


With the aim of dealing with our clients´ needs we are trained in transporting dangerous merchandise and waste.


We have a security advisor in our workforce.


Among our fleet we have equipped vehicles and drivers trained for transporting ADR.


Everything you need to make you arrive your merchandise on time.